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Born Ruffians
Born Ruffians: Just some great free spirited music that makes me happy.

Bon Iver

Bon Iver: My good buddy Chris just brought Bon Iver to my attention and gave me a few of his new tracks. So chill. So beautiful. Whenever I’m stressing at work I just play some Bon Iver and everything’s aaallll riiiiight.

Using the MooTools 1.2 javascript library, mediaboxAdvanced lets you open flash, video, and html content in a floating “lightbox” style window.


CSS On-Hover Image Captions

Oh MooTools how we love thee!

Master of Space and Time

Master of Space and Time

I was researching Michel Gondry since he is my favorite Director/Writer. I was hoping to find out what he might be working on lately. Turns out he was going to be working on a movie based on the novel Master of Space and Time by Rudy Rucker. But sadly he is not. At least it seems that way. Imdb says he is but says otherwise. Oh well.
I still really want to read the book. If Michel was interested in it then it must be a good one.
Thank goodness for Google Books.

Buying bottled water uses oil too?

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